Dino Crisis

Dino Crisis
A new installment of our video game column is here! Today we’re going back to 1999, with a lot of nostalgia and wistfulness…

“Dino Crisis” is a survival horror video game developed and published by Capcom in 1999. The game was created by Shinji Mikami, the same mind behind “Resident Evil,” and features a similar storyline but with the addition of dinosaurs as main enemies instead of zombies.

It was first released in 1999 for the PlayStation console and later ported to other platforms.

The story of “Dino Crisis” follows Regina, an agent of the S.O.R.T. (Special Operations and Reconnaissance Team), who is sent to a remote island called Ibis to investigate a failed experiment involving time travel and genetic manipulation.

On the island, Regina and her team find themselves fighting against genetically modified dinosaurs!!!

Players take on the role of the protagonist Regina, skilled in weapons and team dynamics!

The gameplay of Dino Crisis combines elements of adventure, action, and survival horror. Players must explore the island, solve puzzles, and engage in tense combat against dinosaurs. Resources are limited, including ammunition, making the game a tactical experience where careful planning is essential for survival.

The game is known for its tense atmosphere, engaging storyline, compelling gameplay, challenging puzzles, and sudden scares, typical of survival horror games.

It enjoyed commercial success and received a sequel, “Dino Crisis 2,” in 2000, which continued the story and introduced new gameplay elements.

It garnered a solid fan base and became a classic in the survival horror genre.

“Dino Crisis” has become a cult favorite among horror and survival game enthusiasts and continues to be remembered as one of the classics of its time.

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A spine-chilling horror game

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