The Medium

“The Medium”: An Immersion into the Darkness of the Paranormal

From the heart of Thailand comes a horror film that captures the very essence of fear and anguish. “The Medium,” directed by renowned filmmaker Banjong Pisanthanakun in 2021, stands out as a powerful and unsettling foray into the world of the paranormal and ancestral beliefs, taking viewers on a gripping journey among shamans, spirits, and primal fears.

A Journey into Darkness

The film transports us to a remote Thai village where a group of brave journalists decides to investigate strange events related to shamanic practices and ancestral beliefs. However, what begins as a journalistic inquiry quickly turns into a terrifying nightmare when the protagonists face supernatural forces that challenge their understanding and threaten their very existence.

Tension and Suspense

Banjong Pisanthanakun’s direction is notable for its ability to create an atmosphere of tension and suspense that envelops the viewer from the very first scenes. Through the skillful use of evocative shots, eerie sounds, and a compelling soundtrack, the director plunges us into the heart of terror and forces us to confront our deepest fears.
The setting of the Thai village, with its evocative landscapes and ancestral traditions, adds an additional layer of unease and mystery to the story, as the protagonists confront the supernatural in a hostile and oppressive environment.

Powerful Performances

The film’s cast delivers powerful and engaging performances, immersing the audience in the shoes of the enterprising journalists and making them fully experience their fears and torments. Each cast member brings with them a personal story and a series of inner conflicts that intertwine with the main plot, adding depth and complexity to the narrative.

Deep Reflections

“The Medium” is not just a horror film that makes viewers jump in their seats, but it also offers a profound reflection on the beliefs and traditions that permeate Thai society and their influence on people. The film invites us to explore the thin boundary between the visible and invisible worlds and to confront our deepest fears.


In conclusion, “The Medium” proves to be a compelling and unsettling cinematic work that tackles universal themes such as the supernatural, fear, and superstition with mastery and sensitivity. With inspired direction, a talented cast, and a gripping plot, Banjong Pisanthanakun offers us a cinematic experience that will keep us glued to the screen from start to finish.
For fans of horror and the paranormal, “The Medium” is an unmissable journey into the darkness of the human soul and ancestral beliefs. Prepare to be transported into a world of terror and mystery that will keep you awake at night for a long time to come.

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