Sleeping With the Enemy

The plot revolves around the protagonist Laura, portrayed by Julia Roberts, who tries to escape the obsessive control of her husband Martin, played by Patrick Bergin. The film crudely and realistically explores the dark and often subtle aspects of emotional and physical abuse within a marital relationship. Martin is a manipulative and violent husband who seeks to maintain total control over Laura’s life, isolating her from the outside world and threatening her with violence whenever she attempts to rebel.

Dolores Claiborne

The film opens with Dolores Claiborne, an elderly woman from Maine, being accused of the murder of her wealthy employer, Vera Donovan. As the police investigate the case, Dolores reveals her turbulent life story, including her toxic relationship with her abusive husband Joe and her difficult relationship with her daughter Selena. Through a series of flashbacks, the details of the traumas Dolores has endured over the years emerge, shedding light on the complexity of her feelings and actions.