Snuff 102

The film follows the descent into hell of a young woman who falls into the clutches of a group of sadistic and perverse individuals. The scenes of torture and violence are depicted so realistically that they make even the toughest viewers’ veins and nerves tremble.


The plot of “Maniac” throws viewers into a spiral of madness and violence, following the exploits of Frank, a manic killer hauntingly portrayed by Elijah Wood. Frank is a man tormented by morbid obsessions and perverse desires that drive him to kill and scalp his victims.

The Driller Killer

The plot of “The Driller Killer” follows the story of Reno Miller, a frustrated artist living in New York City with his partner and another young woman. As financial insecurity and creative pressure begin to erode his mental stability, Reno is engulfed in a whirlwind of violence and madness. Armed with an electric drill, he starts wandering the city streets, mercilessly killing anyone he encounters.