The film “IMAGINARY,” directed by Jeff Wadlow in 2024, stands out as a cinematic work that challenges the boundaries between reality and madness, taking audiences on a haunting and gripping journey through the darkness of the human mind. With an intriguing plot, dark atmospheres, and a sense of psychological terror, the film offers a cinematic experience that will leave viewers on the edge of their seats.


The film “CUCKOO,” directed by Tilman Singer in 2024, stands out for its gripping and disturbing narrative, which delves into psychological terror and atmospheric horror. In this unique cinematic experience, Singer leads viewers on a dark and claustrophobic journey through the depths of the human soul.

I Saw the TV Glow

“I SAW THE TV GLOW,” directed by Jane Schoenbrun in 2024, emerges as a cinematic work that casts an eerie gaze on the perils of technological obsession and dependency on digital media. With a gripping plot, dark atmospheres, and a reflection on the impact of technology on contemporary society, the film promises to capture viewers’ attention and prompt them to reflect on their digital habits.

Alien: Romulus

The film “ALIEN: ROMULUS,” directed by Fede Alvarez in 2024, presents itself as an epic space adventure that drags viewers into a haunting journey among the stars, filled with terror and suspense. With a gripping plot, astonishing special effects, and a sense of cosmic claustrophobia, the film promises to be an extraordinary cinematic experience for horror and science fiction enthusiasts.

Night Swim

“NIGHT SWIM,” directed by Bryce McGuire in 2024, emerges as a cinematic work that plunges viewers into the darkest recesses of the human psyche, offering a gripping and tension-filled horror experience. With a compelling plot, dark atmospheres, and a palpable sense of terror, the film promises to keep audiences glued to the screen throughout.


The film “OMEN – Origin of the Omen,” directed by Arkasha Stevenson in 2024, offers viewers a gripping and terrifying immersion into darkness and mystery. With an intriguing plot, dark atmospheres, and a palpable sense of terror, the film brings a new perspective to horror that is sure to leave the audience breathless.

Beetlejuice 2

In the world of cinema, few directors have been able to create universes as unique and bizarre as Tim Burton. With his distinctive style that blends elements of black comedy, fantasy, and horror, Burton has left an indelible mark on popular culture. And now, after years of anticipation, fans are buzzing with excitement for the arrival of the long-awaited sequel: “Beetlejuice 2”


The film “ABIGAIL,” directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett in 2024, stands out as a gripping psychological thriller that captivates viewers from start to finish. With an intricate plot, complex characters, and a tension-filled atmosphere, the film offers an engaging and compelling cinematic experience.