• Highgate Cemetery and the Vampire

    Highgate Cemetery and the Vampire

    Hidden among the lush suburbs of London, Highgate Cemetery emerges from the morning mist as an eerie monument to the past. Once reserved for the most illustrious Victorian citizens, this place now lies in a state of fascinating decay, wrapped in ghost stories and unsettling shadows that seem to whisper among the ancient tombstones.

  • The Unsolved Mystery of the “Isdal Woman”

    The Unsolved Mystery of the “Isdal Woman”

    In the cold Norwegian winter of 1970, a mystery unfolds where certainties dissolve into a fog of unanswered questions. The intricate and dark plot seems straight out of a spy novel, with a nameless victim and a story lost among shadows and suspicions.

  • The Pollock Twins – A Case of Reincarnation?

    The Pollock Twins – A Case of Reincarnation?

    The Pollock twins, Jennifer and Gillian Pollock, are at the center of a famous case related to reincarnation theories. This story has captured the attention of many enthusiasts of parapsychology and unexplained phenomena.

Incubi Notturni

Fright Night

"Fright Night" is a 1985 horror film directed by Tom Holland. This film is a true gem of the 80s horror genre, brilliantly blending elements...


La trama di "Pihu" ruota attorno a una bambina di due anni, Pihu (interpretata da Myra Vishwakarma), che si trova sola in un appartamento dopo...


La storia ruota attorno a Sakshi (interpretata da Nushrratt Bharuccha), una giovane donna incinta che è costretta a rifugiarsi in un remoto villaggio della campagna...

The Fly

Scientist Seth Brundle is developing revolutionary teleportation technology. But during one of the experiments, something goes wrong and the consequences will be terrifying.