La Abuela

“La Abuela” follows the story of Ana, a young woman who inherits an old family house after her grandmother’s death. However, what seems like a harmless inheritance soon turns into a nightmare as Ana begins to experience paranormal events and uncover dark secrets hidden in her family’s past. With the help of an eccentric medium and her own inner resources, Ana finds herself confronting dark forces that threaten to destroy everything she holds dear.

The Trip

“The Trip” follows the story of Emma, portrayed by the brilliant lead actress, who finds herself catapulted into an extraordinary adventure when a mysterious magical book opens the doors to a journey through fantastical worlds and unknown dimensions. Accompanied by an unlikely travel companion, Emma immerses herself in an epic odyssey full of dangers, surprising discoveries, and extraordinary encounters.

No One Gets Out Alive

“No One Gets Out Alive” unfolds primarily in the claustrophobic underworld of an unnamed city. The protagonist, Ambar, brilliantly portrayed by Cristina Rodlo, is a young immigrant struggling to survive in a hostile and alienating urban environment. After finding herself homeless and friendless, Ambar takes a job in an underground bar run by an eccentric owner, played by Marc Menchaca. However, what initially seemed like an opportunity to make ends meet soon turns into a nightmare as Ambar begins to uncover the dark secrets hidden in the depths of the establishment and the people who frequent it.

The Manor

“The Manor” primarily unfolds within what appears to be an ordinary nursing home, but soon reveals itself to be a place where the past and present intertwine, along with dark supernatural entities. After an accident leaves her wheelchair-bound, Judith Albright, portrayed by Barbara Hershey, is transferred to this nursing home managed by the mysterious Mrs. Margot, played by Jill Larsen. However, once inside the walls of the facility, Judith begins to experience increasingly unsettling and terrifying events.


“Separation” follows the story of Jeff Vahn, a talented comic book artist who must face a series of unsettling events after the tragic death of his wife. Portrayed by Rupert Friend, Jeff finds himself trapped in a labyrinth of mystery and terror when his daughter Jenny, played by Violet McGraw, starts behaving strangely and claims to be in contact with her mother’s ghost. As Jeff tries to protect his daughter from dark and unknown forces, he becomes increasingly entangled in a vortex of terror that threatens to consume him entirely.

The Feast

“The Feast” transports viewers to an isolated and wild world, where an affluent family prepares to host an important dinner at their rural estate. However, what appears to be an occasion for celebration soon turns into a nightmare when a mysterious local girl bursts into their home and reveals dark secrets that threaten to destroy everything the family has built. Featuring a talented cast including Annes Elwy, Nia Roberts, and Julian Lewis Jones, the film explores the complex dynamics of power, class, and tradition amidst a backdrop of escalating suspense and terror.

Spiral: From the Book of Saw

Directed by Darren Lynn Bousman, “Spiral” takes viewers into a new and unsettling territory, while keeping intact the tension and terror that made the “Saw” series so iconic. The film follows the investigations of a detective, played by Chris Rock, and his partner, played by Max Minghella, as they grapple with a series of brutal murders that appear to be connected to an old organized crime investigation. However, it soon becomes clear that there is something more sinister behind these murders, something that ties them to the macabre past of the “Saw” franchise.

The Retaliators

At the center of the story is John Bishop, a devoted pastor who finds himself balancing his ministry in the church with his role as a widowed father of two daughters, teenager Sarah and the younger Rebecca. John’s life flows peacefully, immersed in his faith and love for his daughters, but soon he finds himself facing trials that will test his inner strength and resilience.

What Josiah Saw

The plot takes us to an isolated farm, where a family reunites after two decades apart. However, the atmosphere is not that of a joyful family reunion, but rather charged with tension and mystery. The family members hide deep and unspeakable secrets, and this gathering seems to be the occasion to confront the sins of the past and find a form of redemption.


The plot unfolds in the picturesque medieval village of Vicopisano, a place that seems tranquil on the surface but is destined to be the stage for extraordinary events. Here, evil lurks beneath the guise of a mysterious and cruel countess, Artemisia, who orders the ultimate horror: the abduction of children by a gang of vampires.