The TV series “Bloodride,” produced by Netflix, offers viewers a unique and gripping horror experience, blending elements of suspense, mystery, and horror in an anthology of independent and eerie stories. Set against the backdrop of the picturesque Scandinavian landscape, the series provides a dark and intriguing glimpse into human nature and the supernatural.

The Strain

“The Strain,” a TV series created by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan, transports viewers into a world dominated by terror and darkness, where a vampire epidemic threatens to annihilate humanity. With a combination of horror, suspense, and action, the series offers a gripping and frightening adventure that keeps viewers glued to the screen.

The Sinner

“The Sinner,” a TV series created by Derek Simonds and based on the novel by Petra Hammesfahr, offers viewers a gripping and immersive psychological adventure. With a plot rich in mystery, suspense, and human drama, the series provides a penetrating look into the human psyche and its darkest depths.

To the Lake

The series is structured as an epic journey through desolate landscapes as the group seeks a safe refuge at Lake Baikal. Along the way, they must confront not only external threats, such as criminal gangs and the crumbling government, but also internal tensions within the group. This journey tests the bonds between the characters, revealing the true human nature in the face of catastrophe.