The Strain

TheEngaging Storytelling

The StrainDark Origins: The series opens with the mysterious spread of a vampire virus in New York City, rapidly infecting the population and turning them into bloodthirsty creatures of the night. The struggle to survive and defeat the threat becomes the focal point of the narrative.
Fight Against Evil: Professor Ephraim Goodweather, portrayed by Corey Stoll, along with a diverse group of allies, engages in the battle against the Master of the Strain, the evil Master, played by Jonathan Hyde. The series follows their adventures as they strive to stop the epidemic and save humanity.

The StrainGloomy Atmospheres and Frightening Creatures

Disturbing Aesthetic: The Strain is renowned for its gloomy and disturbing atmospheres, featuring scenes of graphic violence and terrifying creatures that send shivers down viewers’ spines. The raw imagery and high-quality special effects contribute to creating an atmosphere of terror and constant tension.
Deep Characterization: In addition to visual horror, the series also offers deep characterization of the characters, with complex and nuanced stories exploring their motivations, inner conflicts, and interpersonal relationships. This adds an emotional dimension to the narrative, allowing viewers to identify and connect with the protagonists.

An Epic Battle for Survival

In conclusion, The Strain is a TV series that offers an epic battle between good and evil, set in a world dominated by terror and darkness. With engaging storytelling, gloomy atmospheres, and frightening creatures, the series is destined to leave a lasting impression on viewers’ minds and remain a classic of horror.


Literary Origins: The series is based on a trilogy of novels written by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan, which were published between 2009 and 2011. Del Toro, along with Hogan, also co-created and produced the television series.
Involvement of Guillermo del Toro: In addition to being one of the creators of the series, Guillermo del Toro also directed the pilot episode. His distinctive style and artistic vision contributed to shaping the unique atmosphere of the series.

Makeup and Vampire Design: The strigoi, the vampires of the series, were designed by Guillermo del Toro himself. Their distinctive and frightening appearance was achieved through a combination of special effects and elaborate makeup.

Strigoi Language: To add realism to the series, a strigoi language was created. David J. Peterson, who also created the Dothraki language for “Game of Thrones,” developed this language for the series “The Strain.”

References to Del Toro’s Films: The series contains numerous references to Guillermo del Toro’s previous works, including visual and thematic elements from his horror and fantasy films.

Physical Transformation of Actors: The actors who portray the strigoi had to undergo lengthy makeup sessions to transform themselves completely into the monstrous vampires seen in the series. This transformation process required many hours of work each day.

Narrative Influences: The series incorporates elements of classic vampire mythology, but also introduces new ideas and unique concepts. Guillermo del Toro stated that he wanted to reinvent the vampire genre, bringing freshness and originality to the storytelling.

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