The Encounter with the Orcs

The Encounter with the Orcs

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Alice, a brave and adventurous girl who loved exploring the forest near her village. One day, while wandering among the tall trees and dense foliage, Alice ventured much deeper into the forest than she had ever gone before.

As she walked among the trees, Alice began to smell a sour scent in the air and heard strange noises coming from behind a hill. Her curiosity got the better of her, and she decided to silently approach to find out what was happening.

When she reached the top of the hill, she was stunned. Before her eyes lay a village of orcs, ugly and frightening creatures with green skin and eyes red as coals. The orcs seemed to be engaged in some sort of dark ritual, with a large pot boiling over a blazing fire.

Hidden among the trees, Alice saw something even more disturbing: in the center of the circle of orcs was a little girl, much like herself, tied to a pole and crying. Alice realized that the girl was in grave danger.

Without a second thought, Alice decided to act. She quietly descended the hill and stealthily approached the orc village. She managed to distract one of the orcs by throwing a stone against a tree. As the orc turned to investigate, Alice approached the captive girl and set her free.

The two girls fled into the forest, but the orcs soon noticed the deception. They began to chase them with rage, roaring and screaming. Alice and the girl ran among the trees, trying to hide.

The run through the forest was long and terrifying. The two girls were exhausted, but they did not stop until they reached the edge of the forest. There, finally, they felt safe.

The girl Alice had saved was named Emily, and the two became inseparable friends. Alice and Emily returned to their village and told the adults about the terrible adventure they had experienced. The village united to repel the orcs, and from that day on, the forest was considered a forbidden place for everyone.

Alice had learned an important lesson: compassion and courage could overcome even the most frightening creatures. And so, the story of Alice and Emily became a legend in the village, teaching everyone that friendship and solidarity were the strongest weapons against evil.

The Encounter with the Orcs

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