The Human Centipede 3

The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence)
Directed by Tom Six
USA 2015


The Human Centipede 3. Bill Boss, the insane and violent director of an American prison, and Dwight Butler, his accountant, have just finished watching the DVD of the film The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence).

While Dwight and Daisy, Bill’s young secretary, claim to have enjoyed the film, the director says he was disgusted by it.

Immediately afterward, they learn that a prisoner has assaulted and injured a guard, and as punishment, Bill fractures the prisoner’s arm; the director wants to earn respect from the inmates at all costs and is convinced that the best way to do so is by threatening and terrorizing them with violence and torture.


After Dr. Heiter’s insane experiment in First Sequence and the brutal malpractice of Full Sequence, Tom Six’s creation arrives at its final chapter.

It’s hard to surpass Chapter 2, where every possible horror was faced, a horrific explicitation of his idea. Tom Six realizes that going further in that direction is not possible.

So he turns to meta-cinema and opens with the protagonist of the previous film (Harvey) watching the end credits of that same work.

The protagonist of the first installment (Laser), on the other hand, is in another room and here is his superior, William Boss, director of a blood-handling prison, mad as a hatter.

Until almost the last half-hour, when the saga’s film director (Tom Six, playing himself) enters the scene, we won’t hear about the centipede.

Instead, we endure the delirious villainy of Laser, who takes center stage by screaming, blathering nonsense, consuming dried clitorises like candy, tormenting his pathetic lackey (Harvey), and humiliating the secretary (Olson).

There’s not much more than this for most of the film, and while undoubtedly Laser’s Nazi-like ferocity reaches levels of visible madness rarely reached before, as if he were allowed to say and do whatever he wanted to get close to the top among the thousands of mentally disturbed people who have always crowded the cinema, it should also be noted that after half an hour of listening to him ramble on, it was time to cut it short.

Other Considerations

Instead, he gives us a cut, but to the testicles of the most villainous prisoner in a scene bordering on the unbearable, leaving very little to the imagination. The visit to the penitentiary by a well-dressed Eric Roberts as the governor gives a glimpse of normality, but once he’s gone, it picks up again until, as mentioned, Tom Six enters the scene, summoned by the lackey with the idea of finally making him “for real” a human centipede.

And it must be said that Six handles the role of the sane director dealing with someone who really wants to realize what he had jokingly imagined quite well. Thus begins the preparation phase for the gigantic centipede that will practically involve all the inmates.

Not that the director stops going mad, mind you. Because Laser is still a heap of grimaces, screams, surreal threats as if he were a character from one of those modern cartoons (not by chance, in an episode of South Park, he openly cited the saga), where there is no limit to bad taste and the game is to see who can come up with the grossest in an endless jesting orgy.

After the filth and villainy of Chapter Two, here the packaging is luxurious, the effects chillingly realistic, but the impression is that it does not go beyond a joke stretched too far with a massive dose of surrealism and grotesque.

Six’s direction, as always, is solid and authorial, with the cast in excellent form.

One has the impression that this time the director wanted to push beyond with human horror, the constant “over-the-top,” but he deserves credit for having found the only reasonable way to close this trilogy, as loved as it is reviled: throw it into chaos and goodnight to the bucket!


After a visit from Governor Hughes, who is dissatisfied with Bill’s methods and threatens to fire him if he doesn’t make changes, the prison director gives an intimidating speech to the inmates, personally castrates and eats the testicles of one of them.

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