The Return of Deep Red to the Cinema

The Return of Deep Red to the Cinema…

A restored 4K version even more thrilling, ready to once again captivate audiences in a labyrinthine thriller that oscillates between dreamlike sequences, darkness, and constant unease. The masterpiece directed by Dario Argento featuring the unforgettable protagonists: actress Daria Nicolodi (who passed away in 2022), David Hemmings, and Gabriele Lavia. With the original music composed by Giorgio Gaslini and the Goblin by Claudio Simonetti. The Italian horror thriller that revolutionized tradition…

In cinemas from July 10, the return of Deep Red is the result of a collaboration between RTI-Mediaset and Cat People, a new distribution company founded by Raffaele Petrini and Alessandro Tavola, which will bring classics back to cinemas across Italy to be relished once more or discovered for the first time on the big screen, seeking the attention of both new generations hungry for stimuli and those who have had the fortune to experience that cinema.

“We want to bring meaningful films to the theaters for everyone, without category divisions, to (re)live that sense of wonder, excitement, and discovery that the cinema of the past is still capable of providing,” says Tavola. “Recently, audiences have indeed rewarded the re-releases of classics of all kinds, but there are still entire decades, genres, and authors not properly celebrated.”

“Italian cinema is rich in unique and unrepeatable films, loved and recognized worldwide,” adds Petrini. “We wanted our first release to be Italian and emblematic, and for us, it was natural to choose Deep Red because it encapsulates everything that cinema can be and do. Keeping this kind of iconicity in mind, our next title will be Cannibal Holocaust by the late Ruggero Deodato, a crucial film in the history of cinema and its language.”

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