The True Story of the Doris Bither Case

Entity: The True Story of the Doris Bither Case

“Entity: The True Story of the Doris Bither Case” has wrapped a series of unsettling events that have sparked great curiosity and debate in the world of the paranormal.

Entity la storia vera: il caso Doris BitherDoris Bither moved to California with her family in 1974, and already her life isn’t the best. A 30-year-old single mother of four children (one female and three males, all born from different fathers), one of whom is an alcoholic and suffers from serious emotional problems. But there’s more. Doris claims to be the subject of physical and sexual attacks by three evil spirits in her Culver City home.

Barry Taff and Kerry Gaynor, two parapsychologists who investigated the case, described a series of unusual phenomena they experienced during their visits to Doris’s house.

Here are some of the phenomena that occurred:

Lights turning on and off autonomously without any rational explanation. Objects moving on their own: this included furniture moving, objects falling off shelves, and doors opening and closing by themselves. Intense cold sensation in certain areas of the house, even when there was no source of airflow. Scratches and bruises without explanation: the parapsychologists documented scratches and bruises on Doris’s body that couldn’t be explained by natural causes or self-inflicted.

The Photograph

In Doris Bither’s case, one of the most famous and controversial pieces of evidence is a photograph taken during one of the paranormal investigations conducted at her home. The photo shows Doris sitting on a bed, with some sort of energy or presence blurred around her. This energy has sometimes been described as a kind of mist or ectoplasm.

The photo sparked a great debate in the field of the paranormal. Some believe it to be tangible proof of the existence of paranormal phenomena. Others argue that the visible energy in the photo could represent a spiritual presence or a manifestation of psychic energy.

The Novel and the Film

Doris Bither’s story inspired the novel “The Entity” by Frank De Felitta, published in 1978, which in turn led to the eponymous film in 1982.

Despite everything, Doris Bither continued to battle her demons, both mental and paranormal. She decided to move from the Culver City house to live in Texas. The spectral abuse and attacks, however, occasionally continued until her death in 1995 from pulmonary failure.

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