The Vallecas Case

The “Vallecas Case” refers to a series of alleged paranormal manifestations that occurred in Vallecas, a neighborhood in Madrid.

In particular, in an apartment at number 8 Calle Luís Marín, in 1991.

The family living in the apartment claimed to have witnessed unusual phenomena.

Strange sounds, objects moving on their own, and alleged paranormal apparitions.

It was the first case of paranormal phenomena officially documented in a police report.

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The “Vallecas Case” features Estefania Gutiérrez Lázaro, a teenage girl from Madrid who lived with her family in that apartment.

In 1991, she participated in a séance with two friends, attempting to evoke the spirit of her deceased boyfriend.

But a teacher interrupted the séance and tore the Ouija board the girls were using in two.

Present claimed that Estefania, on that occasion, inhaled smoke that had emanated from the glass used on the board.

From then on, she began to suffer from insomnia, hallucinations, and epileptic seizures.

She also witnessed several paranormal phenomena, such as alleged demonic possessions.

At night, strange human shapes visited her. They were terrifying, faceless, and cloaked, according to Estefania’s accounts.

They insistedently asked her to join them.

The girl was taken to several doctors who never managed to find a convincing explanation for her ailments.

During one of her particularly violent attacks, she even violently attacked her sister Marianela.

The next day, she fell into a cataleptic state and was taken to the hospital in a coma.

She died during the night.

The autopsy spoke of “sudden and suspicious death,” without being able to shed light on the real causes of death.

It was July 14, 1991.

From that moment on, paranormal phenomena in the Gutierrez house became significantly more pronounced.

The mother heard Estefania’s screaming voice calling her from the rooms of the house, sinister and frightening laughter echoed through the walls.

Glass broke inexplicably, objects moved, and doors opened and closed on their own.

One night, someone touched the hands and feet of Estefania’s mother while she slept.

On another occasion, the sisters woke up terrified: their wrists were violently slammed against the wall by a mysterious force.

On November 1, 1993, two years after Estefania’s death, a photo of her hanging in the living room caught fire, but only the part depicting her face burned.

On November 27, the Gutierrez family called the police.

The team that arrived, led by Inspector José Negri, found the parents and children outside the house, terrified in the rain.

After searching the apartment, the inspector wrote a report that became an object of cult among enthusiasts of the occult.

A document describing wardrobes opening suddenly, brushing the faces of the agents, thunderous noises coming from the deserted balcony.

A strange brown ooze on a nightstand, a crucifix torn from the wood it was mounted on, and claw scratches on the wall were described.

Furthermore, during the inspection of the bathroom, considered the most haunted place by the family, the policemen experienced a sudden drop in temperature.

The house was subsequently sold.

The new owners never experienced any paranormal phenomena.

Everything returned to normal when the Gutierrez family left the house.

Estefania’s mother was later subjected to a psychological examination.


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