35 – The Purple Days

35 – The Purple Days

35 – The Purple Days The veil that obscured Susanne’s life fell on her 35th birthday, revealing a past yet to be understood. Finally, everything starts to make sense, but that everything changes: friends, life, loves, murders.
In Berlin of 1995, “Sus” learns her mission: to maintain the delicate balance between Good and Evil, where wrong does not exist. She discovers that her lifelong friends, collaborators in work, childhood companions, are the last chosen ones of an ancient lineage that has always governed the world’s destiny. They are beautiful, wealthy, and ruthless, but still too immature, torn between the desire for a normal life and the complicated commitment to which they must remain devoted to avoid death. A subtle web of intrigues, magical rituals, and sacrifices force them into an existence they did not choose and do not even want.
In this SENSE, where everything tastes bitter and slimy, offering no respite. Susanne discovers that she has always been the “blessed one,” chosen among the chosen, in a whirlwind of emotions that divide her between duty and love for Arthur.

35 – The Purple Days a novel that will take you to a world you do not know
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35 – The Purple Days

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