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Alex ProyasAlex Proyas (Alexander Proyas, Australian film director, screenwriter, and producer) who directed The Crow – The Crow in 1994, a cult work based on James O’Barr’s comic, has always been opposed to the making of a new Crow movie and had previously expressed his opposition in a heartfelt message explaining that making more films would be a bad idea. The reason behind his opinion is the legacy of Brandon Lee, who, as is known, was accidentally killed on set while filming the movie in the early ’90s.

Alex ProyasWhat Alex Proyas Said:

As mentioned above, Alex Proyas has clarified over the years that he has never been in favor of remaking the original film – as evidenced by a heartfelt Facebook post in 2017. Recently, he commented again and it seems that he has not softened much on that position.
Last week on Facebook, Proyas posted one of the first images of Eric Draven played by Bill Skarsgård and shared his thoughts candidly and bluntly about that first photo:
“Eric Draven had a bad hair day judging by his hair. I suppose he should be a tough guy, with all those tattoos, werewolves, and skulls on the jacket. He might as well decide to drink something better!
Proyas criticized Eric Draven’s entire look, starting from the hair, going to the jacket, and even the beer. Indeed, the appearance of the new Eric is very different from that of his character played by the legendary Brandon Lee.

Alex ProyasProyas reappeared on Facebook the next day to defend his right to have an opinion. “For all those who get mad at me because I made a joke about the haircut – why do you care what I think? What does it matter? If your enjoyment of a film can be so easily ruined by someone you don’t even know, isn’t that sad? Go see it if you’re excited about it: I don’t want to take away anyone’s joy or dampen anyone’s enthusiasm.

But that’s not all. Even an actress from the original cult classic recently spoke out, calling the new version of the character “dirty and shabby.”

We’re talking about Rochelle Davis, known for playing Sarah in Alex Proyas’ film with Brandon Lee, who in a recent conversation with TMZ, the most famous gossip and celebrity news site in America, shared her disappointment with Skarsgård’s new Eric Draven’s look, echoing prevailing opinions online.
The actress criticized the character’s “grimy, dirty, and grungy” appearance, arguing that the producers should have chosen an actor more similar to Lee to pay homage to him. Additionally, Davis expressed a desire for greater diversity within the cast, suggesting that a different choice from that of a white heterosexual male would have been more appropriate.

And what do you think? We just have to wait to express a more informed opinion.

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