Baby Reindeer

Baby Reindeer: The Story of Richard Gadd.

The series that’s taking Netflix by storm is a gripping narrative that pulls viewers into the depths of the human psyche and twisted relationships. Based on a true story, this production delves into the tale of Richard Gadd, a successful comedian whose life takes a cruel turn when he becomes the obsession of Martha, a former lawyer who starts stalking him.

It’s been a while since you’ve been to the pub, little reindeer. What’s happening to you?

The girl terrorizes him with a series of threatening and disturbing emails, convinced that a love story is budding between them. The narrative unfolds through a series of flashbacks that reveal the growth of the obsession and Richard Gadd’s attempt to understand and confront this threat to his safety and sanity.

I need a guy who wants to take care of me, he looks like a little reindeer.

The story highlights not only Richard Gadd’s personal struggle against his obsession but also his ability to turn this traumatic experience into a work of art that speaks to millions of people worldwide. In fact, the protagonist of the series is none other than Richard Gadd himself, playing himself, under the pseudonym Donny, in all his vulnerability.

Through his authentic and touching portrayal, the series raises important questions about fame, privacy, and human vulnerability. It shows us how delicate the balance between public and private life is and how challenging it is to confront and overcome traumatic experiences.

Little reindeer, if you don’t want me in your house, then why do you keep walking up the driveway?

In conclusion, Baby Reindeer: The Story of Richard Gadd is a public diary of this young man’s troubled life. An exciting and unsettling series that reminds us of the extraordinary strength of the human spirit in overcoming the most difficult adversities.

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