Tonight we propose a must-watch four-part miniseries: UNORTHODOX!

The series is based on Deborah Feldman’s autobiography and depicts the struggles and difficulties of leaving one’s Orthodox roots.

In the TV version, the character of Deborah is portrayed by the young nineteen-year-old Etsy who, after a year of arranged marriage with Yanky, a young man eager to have a family and fulfill the ultra-Orthodox rules, decides to flee to Berlin to start a new life free from rules.

The story is set in the Chassidic world of Brooklyn and follows Etsy’s journey as she tries to escape the strict restrictions of her community to begin her new life as a free and independent woman.

With depth and sensitivity, it explores the young woman’s internal conflicts as she tries to balance her community’s expectations with her desire for individual freedom and personal discovery.

Through flashbacks and moments of reflection, the audience is transported into the complex and traditional world of Chassidism, while Esty desperately tries to forge her own destiny.

“What makes Unorthodox so powerful is its authenticity and accurate portrayal of Chassidic culture.

Episode after episode, it delves deeply into the details of daily life and family tensions within this isolated community, making the narrative even more engaging and poignant.

“Unorthodox adapts its original material with extreme care, creating a series that is both intimate and urgent, all centered around Shira Haas’s captivating performance.”
-Rotten Tomatoes (8.2/10)

The series is exceptionally well-crafted in every aspect and deserves to be watched in its original language (Yiddish), of course!

It will make you feel angry, sad, fortunate, and even happy at times… it definitely won’t leave you indifferent.

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