Candyman – Day of the Dead

Candyman – Day of the Dead

(1999 film directed by Turi Meyer)

“Candyman – Day of the Dead” (original title: “Candyman: Day of the Dead”) is the third installment in the horror film series centered around the legendary figure of Candyman. Directed by Turi Meyer and released in 1999, this film continues to explore the terror associated with Candyman, a spectral entity that appears when his name is spoken five times in front of a mirror.


Candyman - Day of the Dead (1999 film directed by Turi Meyer) The film is set in Los Angeles, where Caroline McKeever, a descendant of Daniel Robitaille (the real name of Candyman), tries to end the legend once and for all. However, Candyman reappears to seek revenge and haunt anyone who dares to challenge his existence. Caroline finds herself facing terror and death as she uncovers the dark secrets tied to her family and Candyman’s past.


Gothic Atmosphere: Like in the previous installments, the film maintains a gothic and unsettling atmosphere, a hallmark of the series, with skillful use of lighting and set design to create a tense mood.

Urban Legend: The film continues to explore the theme of urban legends and how they can influence people’s reality, becoming a symbol of fear and superstition.

Performance: Tony Todd returns in the iconic role of Candyman, bringing his menacing and magnetic presence that made the character so memorable in the previous films.

Criticism and Conclusions

“Candyman – Day of the Dead” received mixed reviews from critics and fans. Some appreciated the attempt to expand Candyman’s mythology and Tony Todd’s performance, while others criticized the plot for being less innovative compared to the earlier installments.

In conclusion, this film seeks to keep the legend of Candyman alive, bringing new elements to the story and trying to scare a new generation of viewers. If you are a fan of the first two films or urban legend stories, this installment might be an interesting watch, if only to see Tony Todd return to his most famous role.


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