Federico Zampaglione

Federico Zampaglione is a multifaceted figure in the Italian entertainment scene, known for his diverse artistic abilities. Born on January 18, 1975, in Rome, Zampaglione made his mark in the music world as the frontman of the rock band Tiromancino, earning a solid reputation in the Italian music scene. However, his versatility led him to explore other artistic fields, such as cinema and directing.

As a director, Zampaglione has showcased a unique cinematic vision, with a penchant for horror and thriller genres. His directorial debut came in 2007 with the film “Shadow,” followed by other acclaimed works like “Nero bifamiliare” and “Tulpa – Perdizioni mortali.” Thanks to his ability to create evocative atmospheres and palpable tension, Zampaglione has emerged as one of the most interesting directors in contemporary Italian cinema.

In addition to his music and filmmaking career, Federico Zampaglione has also distinguished himself as an actor, with appearances in various films and TV series. His versatility and talent make him an eclectic and stimulating figure in the world of Italian entertainment.

Feature Films
2007 – Nero bifamiliare
2009 – Shadow
2013 – Tulpa – Perdizioni mortali
2021 – Morrison
2023 – The Well

Short Films
2014 – Remember
2020 – Bianca
2020 – Bianca – Phase 2

Music Videos
2005 – Un tempo piccolo
2008 – Quasi 40
2011 – L’inquietudine di esistere
2015 – I nani
2016 – Piccoli miracoli
2023 – Due rose

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