Fantasmagoria and Silvia Collatina

Horror d’Elite interviews Fantasmagoria and Silvia Collatina.

Silvia Collatina is an Italian actress born on January 14, 1972, in Rome. Active from the late 1970s to the mid-1980s, she has left a significant mark on the Italian cinematic landscape. Known primarily for her roles in films such as “The House by the Cemetery” and “Violets Bloom at an Empty Grave,” Collatina has demonstrated talent and versatility on the big screen, making her debut at the age of just 9.



Wild Beds, directed by Luigi Zampa (1979)
The Great Alligator River, directed by Sergio Martino (1979)
Alice in Wonderland, directed by Gianni Toti (1979)
The House by the Cemetery, directed by Lucio Fulci (1981)
Murder Rock: Dancing Death, directed by Lucio Fulci (1984)
Violets Bloom at Empty Grave, directed by Chris Milewski (2014)
Heller’s Lane, directed by Jon Alcaide (2022)
The Time of Dreams, directed by Claudio Lattanzi – documentary (2022)
The Witches of the Sands, directed by Tony Mardon (2024)
Dark Things, directed by Francesco Tassara (2024)

Childhood Today, directed by Sergio Spina (1977)
George Sand, directed by Giorgio Albertazzi – TV series (1981)
Fantasmagoria, directed by Byron Rink – web-series (2022)
Fantasmagoria: Fantasmagoria tells fragments of real-life and presents scary and unsettling stories. These are the hidden Italian urban legends in the dark. Fantasmagoria combines documentary footage, pastiche, and cinematic scenes to bring to life the best horror stories to be told and passed on.

Fantasmagoria and Silvia Collatina.

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