Paranormal Phobia Investigation

Paranormal Phobia Investigation is synonymous with mystery, Silvia & Marzio, two extraordinary individuals dedicating their lives to the study and exploration of the paranormal. Both are passionate researchers, with an incredible curiosity for the world beyond our ordinary understanding.

Silvia. Her sensitivity and dedication to research make her an invaluable resource for those seeking answers beyond the confines of conventional science.

Marzio. His thorough analyses and ability to challenge our preconceived notions make him a leader in the field of paranormal research.

Together, they represent a dynamic force in the world of the paranormal; their passion, commitment, and spirit of discovery make them true experts in their field, and we are honored to have interviewed them.

Marzio will explain the functioning of their sophisticated equipment that captures voices and phrases completely understandable thanks to its assistance.

Silvia will transport us into this world as fascinating as it is frightening, explaining how the approach to the paranormal world should be.

The photos and videos that make up their archive of visits to the most hidden, most frightening places that encapsulate a past of torment are truly incredible.

P.F.I. Paranormal Phobia Investigation

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