Vito Franchini

Vito Franchini

Born in 1977 with Mantuan origins and Persian ancestry, Vito Franchini spent his childhood abroad. His academic background and adventurous career are reflected in his writings, drawing from his life experiences and passions: music, anthropology, numerology, and Africa. He has published the first two volumes featuring Nardo Baggio and Sabina Mondello for Giunti: “Il predatore di anime” (2021) and “Il 9 che uccide” (2022), rapidly climbing the Italian charts. In 2023, “Tigre d’Africa” was released, followed by “Il Prezzo della Purezza” on May 2, 2024.

Vito Franchini’s literary contributions have earned recognition and praise from both readers and critics. His ability to craft engaging narratives and explore profound themes establishes him as a notable figure in contemporary Italian literature.

Plot Summaries

“Il Predatore di Anime” (The Soul Predator):
Sabina, a young and determined police commissioner in Rome, finds herself entangled in a passionate yet troubled affair with a married prosecutor while investigating a seemingly straightforward murder-suicide case. However, suspicions arise when a mysterious man named Nardo Baggio, a Shiatsu practitioner, becomes a prime suspect due to his interactions with the victims before their deaths. Sabina, deeply intrigued by Nardo’s enigmatic and magnetic persona, discovers his true mission: to support stalking victims failed by the authorities. As Sabina delves deeper into Nardo’s unconventional methods, she grapples with questions of justice, morality, and the true nature of humanity.

“Il 9 che Uccide” (The 9 that Kills):
Years after a scandal tarnishes Sabina Mondello’s career as a police chief in Rome, she embarks on a new operational assignment in Verona, leading the Mobile Squad. Upon her arrival, Sabina investigates the death of a university student found inside the Faculty of Medicine, initially believed to be a suicide. However, eerie coincidences and cryptic farewell messages hint at a more sinister pattern: the involvement of a manipulative puppeteer orchestrating a series of mysterious deaths. As Sabina navigates the complex investigation, she encounters Nardo Baggio once again, the enigmatic “Soul Predator,” whose presence disrupts the delicate balance of her life.

“Tigre d’Africa” (Tiger of Africa):
Set in the early 18th century on the eastern coast of South Africa, the novel unfolds the story of Shasmahal, a hidden city founded by English navigator Nicholas Suburban. Madhat, Suburban’s grandson, embarks on a perilous journey to save Shasmahal from impending attacks orchestrated by mercenaries. As Madhat confronts external threats and discovers his own courage, he grapples with questions of identity, loyalty, and the price of purity.

“Il Prezzo della Purezza” (The Price of Purity):
Sabina Mondello, a Mobile chief in Verona, responds to the desperate plea of the Medina family to rescue their daughter, Medina, held captive in Africa by her father, Yassine. Sabina enlists the help of Nardo Baggio to navigate the complexities of Medina’s abduction and the cultural practices threatening her purity. Together, they embark on a race against time to save Medina and confront the shadows of their own pasts.

Each novel by Vito Franchini delves into intricate plots, complex characters, and profound themes, captivating readers with gripping storytelling and thought-provoking narratives.

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