Into the Night

Into the Night (2020-present)

Welcome back to our Friday night column where each week we introduce you to a new TV series, ranging from horror to sci-fi, without forgetting drama!

Tonight, we’re talking about INTO THE NIGHT, a Belgian TV series based on the science fiction novel “The Old Axolotl” by Jacek Dukaj.

The series, distributed by Netflix since 2020, begins with a group of passengers trapped on a commercial airliner, aiming to escape death by constantly flying west.

The reason? A mysterious solar catastrophe has struck the planet, killing anyone exposed to the sun’s rays.

The only hope for survival is to remain in perpetual darkness, flying into the night.

Each passenger represents a different facet of society, with varied backgrounds and personalities.

This creates constant tensions on board the plane, as everyone believes they can manage the situation better than the others.

The truth is that none of them fully understand the gravity of the situation yet…

This aspect of the series adds a human dimension to the plot, allowing viewers to relate to and connect with the characters as they try to overcome obstacles.

Each episode unfolds like a race against time, as the plane crosses continents and oceans, obstacles and threats multiply.

From fuel shortages to technical issues, from internal tensions to external threats, the suspense builds, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats, wondering if and how the group will survive.

The constant sense of danger and the relentless advance of the sun add further intensity to the series.

With an original premise, complex characters, and a constant sense of unease, this Belgian production stands out in the contemporary TV series landscape.

An excellent thriller/drama product suitable for genre enthusiasts!

Did you know about it? You can find both seasons on Netflix!

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