Why Those Strange Drops of Blood on Jennifer’s Body?

Why Those Strange Drops of Blood on Jennifer’s Body?

Well met, souls, let’s go back to the period (early 70s) of the greatest profusion and creativity of Italian thrilling cinema. The stylistic hallmark was that of the “sexy noir” typical of those years, a genre made of details and colors, of close-ups on faces and objects, not to mention the subjective shots. Another typical element was the omnipresent parade of scantily clad beauties killed in various ways. We’re not facing an art-house film, yet, fifty years later, the expressive force it emanates brings us back to a nostalgic cinema that inspired many films and directors who later became famous…

Brief plot:

A woman enters an anonymous apartment building and takes the elevator. People come and go from it until a figure dressed in black appears and stabs her in the heart with a knife before disappearing into thin air. (Who knows if Brian de Palma took notes for his “Dressed to Kill”?) This will be the first in a series of murders involving other increasingly beautiful and scantily clad women, all in the same apartment building…
Could the killer be a resident in one of those apartments?.. Perhaps, despite the police investigations, it will be up to Jennifer (the buxom model who lives on that floor) to discover the identity of the murderer….
The film is known for its visceral and provocative style, blending elements of mystery and psychological thriller. It also tackles themes such as voyeurism and sexuality in a bold way for its time.

“Why Those Strange Drops of Blood on Jennifer’s Body?” is considered a classic today for enthusiasts of this genre, especially for its erotic and mysterious nature in the narration of events. However, it is important to note that some scenes of violence and explicit sexual content may not be suitable for all tastes or sensitivities.

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