The Castle of the Rout.

The Castle of the Rout.

The Castle of the Rout is reputed to be the most haunted castle in the entire peninsula.

Its name, according to some, is due to the fact that in 1639 it was the scene of the defeat suffered by Tommaso di Savoia against the French.

Others, however, believe that the name derives from the term Rotha, meaning ditch, open place.

Located about ten kilometers from Moncalieri and built in the fourth century, it was owned by Romans, Lombards, and Templars. The current appearance of the castle is the result of a restoration carried out in the 1980s.

Built to defend the bridge over the Banna stream, it was the scene of numerous battles and violent deaths.

It housed the burial of many men and knights within its walls, whose skeletons came to light during excavation operations.

Famous in this regard are the sightings of a Templar knight with a cross around his neck and his horse wandering the castle, both before and after the discovery of their remains.

The story of this knight is very fascinating.

It is said that a young marchioness, promised bride of the noble lord owner of the castle, fell madly in love with him. When the lord discovered the deception, he killed the bride by throwing her off the castle walls. So, the knight set off for the Holy Land with the intention of avenging the death of the woman, but died shortly thereafter. His ghost returned to the place where his beloved had died.

And what about the tale of the mischievous child who was run over by a carriage driven by runaway horses and his nurse who, immediately after witnessing the scene, took her own life out of despair? It seems that the souls of the two still roam restlessly through the castle halls.

It is also said that all the ghosts and spirits of this castle, gathered together, would give rise to a real annual procession headed towards the manor, on the night between 12 and 13 June.

Unfortunately, the Castle of the Rout is not visitable today, being private property. But it is said that simply strolling through the vast plain that houses it can lead to “ghostly” encounters.

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