The Three Faces of Terror

The Three Faces of Terror – by Sergio Stivaletti (2004)

“The Three Faces of Terror” is an Italian film from 2004 directed by Sergio Stivaletti. This movie, composed of three distinct segments, falls into the horror genre and offers a variety of frightening styles and atmospheres to satisfy genre enthusiasts.


In the film, Professor Peter Price convinces three young people he randomly meets on a train – two boys and a girl who do not know each other – to participate in a hypnosis experiment. Using a strange metal sphere he invented, the professor intends to awaken memories of events experienced in ancient times, of which the young people are unaware. In turn, each boy undergoes the experiment and experiences a terrifying adventure, exploring the darkest recesses of the human mind and confronting hidden horrors.

Style and Atmosphere

Sergio Stivaletti, known for his special effects in the Italian horror genre, brings his expertise in visual effects to create a dark and unsettling atmosphere in each of the three stories. The skillful use of lights, shadows, and sounds contributes to creating a sense of suspense and tension that keeps viewers glued to the screen.

una strana sfera di metalloLegacy and Impact

“The Three Faces of Terror” may not have become a classic of horror like some other films in the genre, but it still left a mark on the cinematic landscape for its compelling storytelling and frightening atmospheres. The film received praise for its ability to offer a variety of stories and atmospheres within a single cinematic experience, showcasing the talent and versatility of Sergio Stivaletti as a director.

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