“Nest – Stay Safe”: A Psychological Thriller About the Shadows of the Past

Few films manage to capture the essence of human connection and the struggle against one’s inner demons with the same intensity as “Nest – Stay Safe”. Directed with mastery by Mattia Temponi in 2021, this psychological thriller takes us on an exciting and harrowing journey, where two young strangers find themselves battling their deepest fears in an ostensibly safe refuge.

An Unlikely Connection

The plot of “Nest – Stay Safe” introduces us to Sara, a well-to-do girl with several issues, and Ivan, an apparently ordinary man with a dark past hidden behind his anonymous facade. The two meet in a shelter called El Nido, where they feel safe away from the outside world. However, their romantic escape from reality is ruined by the arrival of a virus that affects Sara, slowly turning her into a monster.

Struggle Against Inner Shadows

Mattia Temponi’s direction masterfully captures the anguished and claustrophobic atmosphere of the El Nido shelter, transporting viewers on an emotional and engaging journey. Through the skillful use of evocative shots, dark lighting, and an immersive soundtrack, the director creates a captivating atmosphere that keeps viewers glued to the screen as Sara and Ivan confront their inner shadows and fight for survival.

Engaging Performances

The film’s cast delivers powerful and authentic performances, bringing viewers into the heart of the story and fully experiencing the characters’ emotions. Blu Yoshimi and Luciano Caceres portray Sara and Ivan with a depth and vulnerability that make them truly memorable as they face the challenges and inner conflicts that await them.

A Struggle for Survival and Love

“Nest – Stay Safe” is much more than just a survival film; it is a profound reflection on the nature of love itself and the struggle against one’s inner demons. As Sara slowly transforms into a monster due to the virus, Ivan is faced with an impossible choice: to kill her to survive or to desperately try to cure her, risking his own life in the process.


In conclusion, “Nest – Stay Safe” proves to be a captivating and poignant cinematic work, capturing the essence of the struggle against one’s inner demons and the search for love and survival. With inspired direction, a talented cast, and a gripping plot, Mattia Temponi offers viewers a cinematic experience that will keep them glued to the screen from start to finish.
For fans of psychological thrillers and stories of love and survival, “Nest – Stay Safe” is an exciting and harrowing journey that will not disappoint. Get ready to be transported to a world of terror and desire, where the struggle for survival and love intertwines in a whirlwind of emotions and inner conflicts.

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